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      • Largest Toy Car Collection in Britain auctioned for £100,000

        One of the world's largest toy car collections was auctioned in Britain this week. Former lorry driver, Horace Dunkley, put up 2,281 of his Matchbox Models of Yesteryear for sale at Vectis Auctions, purportedly the largest toy car auctioneer in the world. This collection was expected to bring over £100,000.

        Lorna Kaufman, of Vectis Auctions, said: "The reason this collection is of particular interest is the fact the collector has 96 per cent of every known Code One Model of Yesteryear, which is extraordinarily unique. If a collector wished to build a collection of this sort now, it would take several decades. In fact, it might not actually be achievable at all."

        Read the full article here...

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        1. journeywoman's Avatar
          journeywoman -
          Wow! I love reading this kind of success story. Thanks for posting. I'm looking forward to reading more. P.S. I wonder if any other members have interesting links like these to share?
        1. JamHud22's Avatar
          JamHud22 -
          Has the sale amount been disclosed by the auction house?

          That article needs photos.
        1. Hotwheelz Biker's Avatar
          Hotwheelz Biker -
          Hers where you can see all the lots.

          A RARE model car fetched a world record price of £4,900 when it went under the hammer at an auction on Teesside.
          The vintage rare red chassis issue Y 4-4-1A Duesenberg Model J Town Car, factory made in the mid-1970s, was snapped up by a European buyer for double the price expected by experts at Thornaby-based auctioneers Vectis.

          The two-day sale of the vintage Matchbox Models of Yesteryear collection realised over £120,000, including buyers’ commissions.

          Collector Horace Dunkley, from Lincolnshire, put up his incredible lifetime collection of more than 2,000 models last month.
          Horace, who began collecting in 1975, attended the auction over the two days, surrounded by fellow collectors from the UK, Europe, Australia and Canada.
          He gave television interviews and signed copies of the hard-backed issue of the reference catalogue.
          Mr Dunkley said: “As with all auctions, it’s hard to predict. Some went for more than expected, but on the other hand, there were pieces I would have expected to go for quite a bit going for much less.”
          He said he didn’t feel too emotional about auctioning off the pieces he’s been collecting for more than 30 years.
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