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      • Report from Cincinnati Hot Wheels National Convention - 30 pics!

        Here's a field report from the convention. Weather here is great and so are the redlines. There's no shortage of minty reds at this convention, and it has been was well worth the trip. First, if you are in town I recommend these rooms:

        503 JE Blade
        524 Chuck Gaughan
        616 Patrick rat69ta and Gerry Brand
        631 Mark Axelson
        714 Jack Clark / buy an Elite Redline Guide!
        718 Dave Lopez / Mark Fletcher w/badge pick-up
        721 Pat/Andrew / Patwheels
        820 Pete Cambio
        902 Bruce Pascal / buy a protos book!
        914 Mark/Charlie
        1118 Dave Williamson
        1208 Neil
        1705 Russ Looker
        1830 Mark/Mike w/Strauss collection

        First - some of my scores!

        Did a deal for 10 cars from the Strauss collection, and picked them up from Mark and Mike. Could not resist and accidentally bought 2 more.

        The white interior open wheelers and Peeping Bomb are from Strauss:

        Cool HK white Ford J-car with black painted front grill (Strauss) and an open shock Vicky (patwheels):

        Honey gold Cuda

        Some pictures from Mark and Mike's room (1830). First, the protos on display, but not yet for sale, including 9 rear-loading Beach Bombs.

        The over-chrome Camaro really stands out!

        Some more beaters that they brought along:

        Black roof VW:

        Red Jet Threat and light green Mutt Mobile.

        An ocean of loose redlines for sale:

        More beaters:

        Buy a Hot Wheels Prototypes book in room 902!

        Some of Pascal's beaters for sale:

        Other nice reds in other rooms:

        A genuine purple 442 can be had in room 616, for the right price.

        All for now - thanks for the read and happy hunting.

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