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  1. Replies

    Re: Want to make some windshields

    There are plenty of pourable plastic out there now that won't have the milkiness of the original Mattel product. As long as you can find a suitable release agent I'd be chatting with the local Hobby...
  2. Replies

    Re: Picking in a Hot Wheels junkyard

    That. Was. Awesome.
  3. Replies

    Re: NSR pull-down and customisation

    Here is the "after". I'm not 100% happy with the paint finish (it is automotive paint for colouring tail-lights translucent red) as it doesn't apply smoothly around the fenders (or the small dent in...
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    Re: NSR pull-down and customisation

    The eagle eyed will notice the missing engine <g>.

    I had already drilled the glass before taking photos.
  5. Replies

    NSR pull-down and customisation

    I thought a few members might like to see the insides of a NSR Custom Volkswagen, as most are left original or restored on-body. This one was too far gone to not pull apart...
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    Re: Steering rig resto

    I prefer the unpainted base version (except for the wheels), just looks nicer (though probably not as realistic). Have you thought of doing other trucking schemes that Mattel didn't get to do on this...
  7. Re: Just a reminder when buying on foreign ebay sites: make sure the seller accepts paypal...

    There are plenty of other ways to pay, but yes some sellers do NOT have to accept Paypal (how eBay gets away with some of their rules amazes me, they tried setting Paypal as the ONLY way to pay...
  8. Re: Redline Wheel Matrix for all castings, 1968-1972

    There are US deepdish wheels also, found on early run combos like blue Silhouette.
  9. Thread: 2015 Mustang

    by dfoyl

    Re: 2015 Mustang

    >>Mustang II ...those were made in the "dark years" according to Mustang enthusiasts LOL!

    Only Mustang enthusiasts who think Bunkie Knudson was a genius for turning the Mustang into a fat pig of a...
  10. Re: Time for me to leave this country. Oh Canada here I come!!

    Y'all can come to Australia on three conditions:

    1. No guns. Seriously.
    2. Religion - don't ask, don't tell. We don't really care for it.
    3. No use of the word "Y'all" :D

    Positives :

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    Re: Computer Back-Up Opinions Needed

    "I firmly believe that in the future instead of having an old shoe box in the attic full of un-sorted family photos, we will have a box full of CD's, Jump Drives and external drives sitting there...
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    Re: Computer moniter and board setting question.

    >>I hooked up a new 20' today but if I try to view it as a 20' it just stretches out and distorts photos..any ideas, maybe if it was hooked through a HDMI cable? I have to size it down to a 17' to...
  13. Re: Any customisers out there color-matched HK "blue fog" ?

    Thanks Randy, I know you've got a J to match it to :) I didn't want to have to send mine over with the hood...PM sent.
  14. Any customisers out there color-matched HK "blue fog" ?


    I'm looking for a customiser/restorer who has an EXACT color match
    for early HK "blue fog". Absolutely must NOT be US "light blue" / "ice blue".
    The "blue fog" was found only on early HK...
  15. Replies

    Re: Need some DVD help!!

    Most players can be switched between regions if you google your DVD player model number. Generally it's either a system setting or entering a 4 or 5 digit number.

    Or rip it on your PC, then burn...
  16. The locals gave lousy directions (as any...

    The locals gave lousy directions (as any self-respecting local does to an unwitting tourist). As for the water; yeah, cold. The property along the coast in thearea is owned by the oil companies (I...
  17. I will add this skeptical addendum (general...

    <p>I will add this skeptical addendum (general groans....)<br><br>A lot of the testimonials seem to be written by the same person in the same style. Quite a few begin sentences with...
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    Nope wouldn't want to drive it, or this one...

    Nope wouldn't want to drive it, or this one either.....<br><br><img src="" alt="image"><br>
  19. Re: Mustang Stocker Super Chrome Resto w/ Erics Decals

    that looks sweet. Brian
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