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Picking in a Hot Wheels junkyard
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Thread: Picking in a Hot Wheels junkyard

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    Default Picking in a Hot Wheels junkyard

    On this episode of "Hotwheelian Pickers" barns, sheds, and a very old junkyard are prime pickin' spots!

    I can't wait to find what's waiting for us out there! Let's hit the road!

    Dude...we have to stop here! Look at the old service station!

    Oh man, he's got a '40 Ford in the garage. They used to run moonshine in these! How much, guy?


    So, we're driving on the back roads and this junk man has a ton of stuff in his backyard. We saw an old Corvette back there and had to ask if he would sell it. The answer? Yes!

    Now we're on the road to our last stop of the day; the junkyard. This place used to be bustling with customers. Now, it's been neglected for nearly 15 years. I've been told that the owner's son has taken over and he wants to start making some money - even if it means crushing the cars. He wants out of the business. It's a sad story that has been killing the old auto salvage yards for years. Nowadays, people go to these big city "pick-a-part" places, that's not a real junkyard!

    For this trip, we're bringing the big rig. I hope to find some nice project cars in this place!

    Ohhhh yeah! there it is!

    Look at all that rusty gold back there!

    As we pulled in, my heart sank. He just started crushing the cars. Sure, that '40 Ford was gutted, but it deserved to live!

    This is the guy we have to talk to, here in the orange suit:

    - "Hey, I was wondering when you would arrive! Have a look around!"

    Man this looks like fun! Apparently, if it has an "X" on it, he's crushing it soon. The goal he said, was to have all of this cleared out by mid-March.

    - This is good, Frankie. This means that he is in a hurry to sell. He is willing to make a deal, and it's unlikely that he is thinking of retail prices.

    A red on red Firebird convertible!

    I wouldn't mind having that Bug.

    Man, I haven't seen a Fiero 2M4 in years.

    The sunroof glass is gone, this interior is mold holding hands. Pass!

    - Hey look, Mike! A Silhouette!

    - Check out that Beatnik Bandit and the roached GTO. Anything worth snapping up?

    Everytime I see one of these Jaguar's, I remember those old Whitesnake music videos that had Tawny Kitaen dancing on the hood. So 80's.

    Poor Bronco. Poor Fiero.

    - DUDE! Mike! Look at that! See that old T-Bird way in the back?!

    - Frankie, I'm definitely saving this one.

    - Mike, I think it will be a while before he gets this out.

    - I'm still buying it! It's a '57!

    Rust holding hands...

    - Mike, aren't the Broncos in the Super Bowl this year?

    - Yeah, kind of weird, Frankie. Hopefully this isn't a bad omen for them, haha!

    Cool little wagon at the top of that pile...

    I want this...

    - I think this is the "newer" part of the yard, Mike.

    - Yeah, so much 80's in one little area!

    I better get those wheels off that Jeep!

    The newest vehicle here, a 2000 Isuzu. It's trashed.

    - Mike? Mike? Do you hear that?

    - Yeah, I do. Sounds like a backhoe or something.

    - Oh no! A vintage stock car!

    This guy means business!

    The sun sets on the death of another car...

    - Oh man. Hey Frankie! it's a Dodge 024! I've haven't seen one of these since the 90s! These are Chrysler's first experiment with the L-Body platform being something other than a family sedan. The Dodge 024 wasn't built for very long, but it's sales later led to things like the Shelby GLHS and Dodge Rampage. I have to have this! I think I'll buy the Jeep CJ7 under it too for parts.

    That '69 T-Bird looks like it could drive out! I'm buying it!

    Our friend is not hesitating to load up our buys! This is customer service!

    Another bites the dust...

    - Aw man, I wish I saw that vintage Supra earlier!

    - Yeah, Mike. Like 10 years earlier! That thing is roached!

    Dodge Daytona or Chrysler Laser? I can't tell right now.

    Looks like they're grabbing my parts, now.

    Well boys, this is my second load of the day. What all did you find?

    For all that, I'll make you a deal you can't refuse. $800 for all that. Scrap price. You boys are gonna do great things with those old cars.

    - Frank, this pick was awesome.

    - We're definitely going back. It looks like we weren't the only pickers either!

    "Do you smell something?"
    "Hmmm...FRIED PUSSY CAT!"
    -Christmas Vacation

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    Default Re: Picking in a Hot Wheels junkyard

    Pretty cool story. I do some "blister escapes" every so often, but that's it.

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    Default Re: Picking in a Hot Wheels junkyard

    Really cool! Nicely done!

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    Default Re: Picking in a Hot Wheels junkyard

    Fun story and great pics!

    Im curious about this car especially the wheels.

    Can we see a pic of the real car crusher ...


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    Default Re: Picking in a Hot Wheels junkyard

    Cool!!! Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

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    Default Re: Picking in a Hot Wheels junkyard

    That. Was. Awesome.

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